Our cancer prevention recommendations

Our Cancer Prevention Recommendations

Here we provide helpful advice on how to reduce your cancer risk

Stay in shape

Being a healthy weight is one of the most important ways to lower your cancer risk

Move more

Any activity that gets your heart pumping will help to reduce your cancer risk

Put plant foods first

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains

Avoid high-calorie foods and drinks

Eating lots of these foods can make it hard to stay in shape

Drink less alcohol

There’s a direct link between alcohol and some cancers

Eat less red meat and cut down on processed meats

Red and processed meats are linked to bowel cancer

Eat less salt

Salt is linked to stomach cancer. You can cut down without compromising on flavour


Eating a healthy balanced diet should provide all the nutrition you need

Breastfeeding is best

Breastfeeding has many benefits for mums and their babies

Information for cancer survivors

Following our healthy living advice can help lower the risk of cancer returning