Publications and resources

The World Cancer Research Fund network of charities, of which WCRF HK is a member, produces a range of expert scientific reports, which are available to buy or download. 

Continuous Update Project findings and reports

We publish our analysis of global research on preventing cancer. Our Second Expert Report, published in 2007, is the most comprehensive book ever published on the links between food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention.

Since then, we have published many reports with new evidence on individual cancer types and the links with diet, weight and activity. All of these can be found on our Continuous Update Project page. 

Research findings

To expand the world’s understanding of cancer, we provide funding for original and innovative research exploring the link between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer prevention and survival.

For active and complete research projects in Asia, visit our research page

We share the key findings of some of the research we fund on diet, weight, physical activity, nutrition, pregnancy and childhood, cancer survivors, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

You can also browse current research projects by institution, cancer type, researcher and country. All of this research is also analysed for our Continuous Update Project.